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Love Me Nice is a long-form comic taking place in a world where Toons and humans co-exist. The comic portrays life behind the scenes of a popular children's cartoon for it's star, Mac T. Monkey Jr. For more details visit the Character page.


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the artist

Amanda Lafrenais is native to Texas, born in Humble and currently living in Clute -- home to the Mosquito Festival. Yes. She hopes to escape this dull town someday, but until then has made herself a comfy existence in a little apartment with the dopiest cat in the world who isn't good for much, let alone comics.

The artist has contributed work to Slipshine, a subscription-only collection of erotic comics. She's also contributed to the award winning Smut Peddler anthology, and most recently did tone work on the first Adventure Time graphic novel, "Playing with Fire."


Where did the title come from?
the title is from that Witch Doctor song by Ross Bagdasarian, Sr.:

"I told the witch doctor you didn't love me true
I told the witch doctor you didn't love me nice"

What are toons made out of / How are they different from humans?
Toons are flesh and blood; they are not made of paint or ink. At the end of the day, Toons are Humans, and Humans are Toons in this universe.

It's like how there are animated shows with realistically proportioned characters who don't act "toony"; those are the humans of this world. They're still ALL toons, there is just a spectrum and "humanoid" is the default/most common. Humans lack a lot of the more toon, and unfortunately people as a whole gravitate to conformity and homogeneity so humanoid is considered the norm.

Is there "racism" or discrimination against toons? / Is there still racism among "normal" humans?
It hasn't been that long since toons in this world were being regarded like a completely different creature in spite of being the exact same as humans, and they do face unique discrimination.

There is still racism among humanoid people based on race, skin color and culture that has followed an identical timeline to our real world. Toons have not replaced that nor are they stand-ins for that. They simply have their own separate history/timeline that's progressed at a different pace and exists for reasons unique as a wacky fantasy race with super-normal qualities -- subbing in for a specific race a type of people who have superhuman and almost paranormal abilities and animal qualities would have unfortunate implications for what I'd be saying for that race, so I'm not doing that.

Can toons and humans have kids together?
Yes, they can. Humans and toons are technically the same thing, just at different extremes of a spectrum.

Is Claire a human or a toon?
Claire is at least part human, but mostly toon, since her dad is a toon and her mother is a human

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